Commuter Trends Survey Results+

14 Aug 2013

Survey Reveals Shorter Travel Time Leads to Greater Employee Productivity

  • 72% of participants are happy with their current commuting distance, 70% are willing to travel more than half an hour further for their dream job
  • 69% believe that they are more productive as a result of their shorter commute
  • 73% revealed that their commute is as little as half an hour

A new report and employee survey from Goodman focuses on the impact that commuting has on the UK workforce, putting to bed common commuting myths by revealing that employee satisfaction and happiness are directly connected to both the proximity of a worksite and its environment.

According to the latest survey findings, employee productivity is most efficient when commuting time is shorter. The survey also uncovered that a staggering 69% of participants neither feel tired nor affected by their daily commute. Comparatively, when looking at how long people commuted to work, 73% of those surveyed said that their journey time lasted no more than half an hour, both to and from work.

The new research has found that people who commute for a shorter distance enjoy their work the most. People living closer to their worksite find that they have little to complain about commute-wise and are more productive because of it, with 72% happy with the distance they currently commute to work. The survey also revealed that 70% would be willing to travel more than half an hour further for their dream job.

The findings are based on a survey of 500 commuters conducted by Goodman, the global property and business space provider. A spokesperson from Goodman commented on the findings: “One of the biggest impacts on working life is the distance travelled between the worksite and home. Not only does landscape, surroundings and environment play a part in productivity but commuting time does too. We make every effort to ensure we take care of all of the above so that productivity and employee satisfaction, for the businesses that use our parks, are at an all time high.”

The most significant consideration from these findings is that the happiest commuters are those that live closer to their worksite, increasing commuters’ overall well-being. The most interesting of details is that commuters are willing to chance their production levels faltering, by travelling further, in order to work their dream job. Although 79% confirmed that their employer did not operate a travel plan, 72% believed that companies should help find ways to ease the difficulties of their employees’ commute.

Full time employees commit to a colossal 2,000 hours, on average, a year to their work-life. Ensuring that this time is spent being productive, whilst enjoyable, is the job of the employer. Commuters travelling to work for a longer distance are likely to add a further 500 hours to their working lives. 29% of those surveyed also said that they work on their commute to and from their office.

The research also found that although 74% of people weren’t offered a work from home scheme, just over half of the people surveyed believed their productivity would increase if they could work from home one or more days per week.

Goodman business parks are home to 300 companies across their 26 venues, as well as providing businesses with logistics solutions. Focusing on a thriving business community, they’ll take into consideration office location, environment and transport links when providing their clients with business space solutions.