Rabbit were the first incarnation of Whampoa's mobile aspirations in the UK. Their decision to take a small unit at Goodman's Birmingham Business Park of circa 2 800 sq ft included alterations to enable a showcar entrance to an existing office building.

Orange's Objectives

Rabbit's evolvement into Hutchison Telecom and then Orange saw them move throughout the Park enabling them to take advantage of Goodman's flexible approach to leases when tenant's requirements change. Having grown into 3 separate buildings within the Park Orange decided in early 2001 to undertake a strategy to consolidate all their Midland operations under a single roof. This would involve the disposal of one lease, extension of another and allowing the third commitment to fall in. The challenge of bringing to an end disparate lease commitments to avoid double overheads and ensure growth for future business planning are always a path that require careful planning tenacity and patience.

The Goodman Solution

Goodman understood the issues facing Orange and invited a discussion which would enable a continuance of occupation of one of their existing buildings whilst also allowing a surrender of a longer lease commitment to enable Orange to continue with the design of a new building to replace all existing facilities.

Working closely with Orange and their environmental advisors a high quality sustainable design was chosen which reflected the occupiers needs and Goodman's record of implementing green credentials.

The Result

Once the design had been fully worked up a reserved matters application was submitted to the Local Authority and expediently granted as a consequence of the working relationships between Goodman and Solihull MBC. Detailed design followed with a fast track approach to construction enabling the target occupation date of December 2002 to be met.