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Business parks are not just about office space, they are also about the community around them. At Goodman, we believe in fostering this community. Our blog is designed not only to keep you up to date with community related news, but also as a means for us to share knowledge and insight, relevant to businesses large and small. Browse through the categories or have a look at some of the articles below.

Money Matters - Financing, Funding and Investment in Bracknell+

Arlington Square Bracknell

Money really does matter. Learning how to manage the finances of a business is...

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The Practical Approach to Online Retail+

The Practical Approach to Online Retail

Purchasing products will always be a requirement of today’s society, but the...

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How to manage your business effectively in Gloucester+

As you develop your business, you’ll be faced with smooth sailing success as...

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Developing your business in Oxford +

Developing your business in Oxford

Although it may be hard to believe, we’re living in enterprising times. With...

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Top UK Business Blogs +

Top UK Business Blogs

For those starting a business, the mere thought of all the things to do and how...

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Businesses with a conscience+

Businesses with a conscience

In recent years we’ve all become greatly aware of our carbon footprint...

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