Goodman’s Guide to Oxford +

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires. Renowned as a cultural hub and centre of learning, it draws in visitors from near and far wishing to explore its medieval make-up. 

Here at Goodman, we’ve decided to take a break from talking about the many offices to rent in Oxford. After all, businesses aren’t just about the office space they reside in but also the vicinity that surrounds them. Community and environment are essential for employee productivity and wellbeing, and at Goodman we believe in fostering that community. 

Oxford is not only full of the architectural gems that attract visitors in droves, but also the many restaurants, bars, cafes and attractions the city boasts. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with local Oxford bloggers to help create an insider’s guide: Goodman’s Guide to Oxford. The contributing bloggers were tasked with writing a review piece based on an activity, restaurant or bar they visited in their local area. Photographic documentation of their favourite local tourism spots have helped illustrate this colourful, informative resource. 

Contributors and their reviews:

+Blogger: Grace Day - Oxford Eats: Atomic Burger.

+Blogger: Liz Thomasson - Oxford Eats: The Turf Tavern.

+Blogger: Olivia Quinton - Oxford Eats: Jacob’s Inn.

+Blogger: Belphoebe New - Oxford Eats: Georgina’s.

+Blogger: Mary Proctor - Oxford Eats: Villandry Grand Cafe.

+Blogger: Emma Tustian - Oxford Outdoors: Botanic Gardens.

+Blogger: Lynn Morrison - Oxford Eats: Ashmolean Dining Room.

+Blogger: Jo Silva - Oxford Views: St Mary’s Tower.

+Blogger: Hannah Warder - Oxford Eats: Cherwell Boathouse.

+Blogger: Tamira Alison - Oxford Screens: Phoenix Picturehouse.

+Blogger: Steph Punfield - Oxford Eats: G&D’s Café. 

 Many thanks to all our bloggers for their participation. To see their reviews, please feel free to download and print the guide for your own personal use. Happy exploring.