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Goodman’s Blogger Event+

#Goodmanmeetup - Goodman’s Blogger Event!

This past Sunday saw a Goodman event for bloggers, where we invited a group of fantastic lifestyle writers to a guided photography tour of both historic and modern buildings in Birmingham.

With a little help from Simon Caughey-Rogers at Iguana Photography, bloggers learned how to compose the perfect shot of modern architecture.

Here at Uxbridge Business Park we know a little bit about modern architecture as all our office spaces are seriously stylish, so it was good to see a collection of buildings (nearly) as prestigious as our office spaces in Uxbridge!

#Goodmanmeetup - The Tour

Simon’s fifteen years of experience as a photographer certainly helped our bloggers learn the ropes as he took them around the wonderful and varied buildings in Birmingham city centre.

The bloggers weren’t just there to admire the view though, they were soon asked to start taking photos of what they saw, with expert help of course!

If improving their photography skills wasn’t enough of an incentive, they were told that the best photo in a blogpost would win a prize – the results will be announced soon…

#Goodmanmeetup -The Meal!

After all of their hard work concentrating on snapping the right pictures, our bloggers got to turn their focus on to the really important thing; food!

So 20 hungry bloggers, cameras in hand, went to Jamie’s Italian where they were treated to a delicious meal. Inevitably if you get several bloggers in one room with food and cameras, you’re going to get one result; a lot of food photos!

To see photos and videos from sparkling architecture to delicious food, you can check our #Goodmanmeetup hashtag on Twitter and Instagram! 

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of the bloggers who came down to event, and we are hugely grateful for the support of Iguana Photography and Jamie’s Italian for helping make the afternoon a memorable one!

Keep an eye out for more blogger events soon!