Green Business

Green Business+

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the consequences that our actions may have on the environment. At Goodman, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable developments. It’s important for us to make a positive contribution to society, and offer insight to others on how to do the same. Have a look at some of the articles below, addressing topics such as sustainable development and renewable energy, and see how you can kick-start a green initiative.

Socially conscious comapnies

Socially conscious companies: Encouraging entrepreneurs +

What does it mean to be ‘socially responsible’? It’s the buzz word that has been hanging in the air of the business community, gathering traction with those who wish to market themselves as a value-driven business. If you’re...

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Businesses with a conscience

Businesses with a conscience+

In recent years we’ve all become greatly aware of our carbon footprint and how much of an impact our actions have on the environment. Not only has this become evident with individuals registering their interest in...

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