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Business parks are not just about office space, they are also about the community around them. At Goodman, we believe in fostering this community. Our blog is designed not only to keep you up to date with community related news, but also as a means for us to share knowledge and insight, relevant to businesses large and small. Browse through the categories or have a look at some of the articles below.

Goodman’s Guide to Oxford +

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires. Renowned as a cultural hub and centre of...

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Goodman’s Blogger Event+

Blogger event images

#Goodmanmeetup - Goodman’s Blogger Event!This past Sunday saw a Goodman event...

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Young Entrepreneurs: How to get financial help for your new business venture +

Age should hold no barriers. A great idea is a great idea, after all they are...

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Five advantages a start-up has over an established business+

The economy needs more start-ups and entrepreneurs. For economic growth, job...

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Seeking the right storage solution for your small business+

Whether you are a new business or an expanding one, sooner or later you will...

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Socially conscious companies: Encouraging entrepreneurs +

Socially conscious comapnies

What does it mean to be ‘socially responsible’? It’s the buzz word that has...

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