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Goodman Foundation is an approved charity through which the Goodman Group provides financial assistance to charities in the communities we serve.

The Foundation was established for the purpose of making contributions to non-profit organisations that support the needs of the under privileged in our community. The focus is on social change, and improving the standard of living or the health of our community. Goodman also supports “bricks and mortar”, capital expenditure for the health of our community, explicit projects with specific activities and clearly defined timelines.

The Foundation recognises the importance of ‘partnering’ with the charitable organisation in order to provide longer term strategic value and tangible outcomes.

In the UK we have partnered with the Wooden Spoon. A charity that exists to improve the quality and prospect of life for children and young people who are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially. Wooden Spoon is a children's charity founded in 1983 that is dedicated to helping underprivileged children and young people all over the UK and Ireland to live happier, richer lives. The Wooden Spoon harnesses the spirit and values of rugby to give disadvantaged children and young people in the UK and Ireland a chance to achieve their full potential in life. We have made a commitment over the next three years to support the Wooden Spoon's “Try Hard!” initiative.

Try Hard! is an innovative social investment programme designed to reduce the number of young people from socially challenging areas falling into long-term unemployment or a life of crime. Harnessing the power and values of rugby, Try Hard! encourages positive behaviour change, builds confidence and raises aspiration levels amongst disadvantaged and disillusioned young people. Its unique programme of education and training will help 120 16-19 year-olds from deprived backgrounds into full-time education, apprenticeships, employment and long-term volunteer work. A true "Big Society" programme.

Please visit the Wooden spoon website for more information.